The Court


As the CJ, you can contact me, Frances, at any time through facebook or text message (my number is 361-688-9866). Please do not hesitate to call, text, or shoot me an email if you have uncertainties about policy, concerns about party logistics, or any questions about the Court and its role at Brown.

In addition to having me as a contact, please feel free to reach out to our Associate Justices! Each of the AJs acts as a “point person” for certain floors- in the case of a noise complaint or immediate concern, please contact the Justice assigned your area of Brown!

  • Jared Beshai: Parking Justice and OC, 4th, and 5th floor Point Person (970-773-3340)

  • Anu Ayeni: Public Events Justice and 2nd and 3rd floor Point Person (661-808-3378)

  • Anusha Gandhi: Recording Justice and 8th floor and Quads Point Person (832-449-0530)

  • Charles Davis: Private Events Justice and 6th and 7th floor Point Person (601-540-5167)



  • Quiet Hours are midnight on weekdays (Sunday night through Thursday night) and 2 am on weekends (Friday night and Saturday night).

  • Laundry room lockouts happen every Monday evening at midnight! Do not have your laundry down there-- it will be removed and put outside Quad 448 in a basket. If not retrieved by the end of the month, it will be donated to charity.

  • If you are planning to host a private event at Brown, remember to notify the Court 24 hours in advance by filling out the Private Party Registration Document.

  • To view the Rice University Alcohol Policy, feel free to explore this link:

Private Party Registration