Your STRIVE Liaisons!

STRIVE College Liaisons are Rice students who are knowledgeable about Sexual Misconduct Policies and Resources such as Title IX and the Wellbeing Office, host awareness and prevention events, and act as a point of contact between students, RHAs, CJs, College Government, and the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Title IX Support.

College Liaisons are not navigators or counselors - they just help students connect with available informational resources on campus. The goal of STRIVE College Liaisons is to help prevent sexual misconduct and relationship violence as well as support survivors by connecting them to resources around campus.

There are a variety of options for how to approach a STRIVE liaison. You can be as general or as specific as possible with your approach, but the bottom line is that no matter how you approach us, we are happy to listen! Remember, talking to us is completely confidential, and we cannot tell anyone else about our conversation unless you want us to, or if we feel you are a risk to yourself or others. We will not be sending a google form about these meetings in order to keep this confidentiality and not record your name. You can talk to us via email, phone, and/or social media messaging!

Here are a few general approaches:

  • Via email

    • You can email us (

      • “Hey [], I wanted to see if I could meet with you somewhere to talk about something STRIVE related. Can we set up a time and place to meet and talk?”

  • Via text/phone call/facebook message: (Evan: (337) 853-1183)

    • Remember to say who you are, and that you’re from Brown College!

      • “Hey [], it’s [your name] from Brown College. Could we set up a time and place to talk about something STRIVE related?”

  • In person:

    • You can approach us whenever you see us, whether that be at Brown College, coffeehouse, the library, etc.

      • “Hey [], how are you doing? I wanted to ask you if we could set up a time and place to talk about something STRIVE related.”

We are here for YOU! Please approach us or message us if something has happened to you or a friend. We are here to talk to you and guide you through your options moving forward.


Evan Delafose

Class of 2021 -


Mahima Tatam

Class of 2020 -


Sara Emami

Class of 2022 -