Taylor Morin - Brown '19

Hello, and welcome to Brown!


I'm Taylor Morin, a senior studying Mathematical Economic Analysis and Policy Studies from Apex, North Carolina.

The residential college system creates an undergraduate experience that is more enriching and engaging than what any other university can offer. Brown plays a leading role in this system. As a college we're always improving, innovating, making stronger connections and, most importantly, having an amazing time.

As President, I wear a variety of hats. I'm the lucky individual who gets to work with the Brown EC, an amazing collection of individuals who put in so much work and time into making Brown a better place to live. Collectively, as an EC, we organize and run cabinet meetings where we collect the colleges feedback and opinion on all things Brown and Rice.

I also serve as one of Brown's representatives to the campus wide government, the Student Association. If you have any questions or concerns about what's going on in the SA, use the SA feedback form under the government tab, or contact Blake Coleman, your SA Senator. 

Finally, I work with university administrators on a variety of projects to improve student life. If you're having trouble accessing a resource or think that Rice should be doing something that it is not, chances are I know someone who can make it happen.

If you are an incoming student who perhaps just received their college assignment, welcome! Your O-Week Coordinators are busy putting together an amazing week for you. Be sure to read your O-Week book, it'll provide you with valuable background so you can hit the ground running when you get to campus. Finally, be sure to engage with Brown government. You don't have to hold a position to have your voice, just coming to cabinet and having your voice heard can make a huge impact.

I'm proud to serve the Brown community! If you have any questions, thoughts, concerns, or just wanna hang out, please contact me or find me in person in Quad 244!


Taylor Morin - - 919-623-8905