Frances Williamson - Brown '20


Hello and welcome to Brown College! 

I'm Frances Williamson, a senior studying History and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Corpus Christi, Texas. I am very lucky to be serving as President of Brown College this year, and it is an honor to welcome you all to our community!

One of the things that makes Rice unique is its Residential College system, and the opportunities for academic, social, and personal growth it provides. Within Brown, you will make some of the closest relationships you will have during your Rice career and develop connections with our extensive network of Associates and Alumni. Brown is not only a building, it is a platform that provides every student with opportunities for innovation, leadership, and creativity.

Both within Brown and the larger community of Rice, student governance and initiative serve a special role: from academics to student life, and even discipline, students are involved in the process. My role as President lets me work with the Executive Cabinet and A-Team (Magisters, RAs, and College Coordinator) on a daily basis to make life at Brown the best it can be. Across campus, I work with other student leaders, the Dean’s Office, and campus administration to address larger issues affecting every member of the Rice community.

I encourage you to get involved in Brown during your time at Rice. Brown has over 20 committees that handle responsibilities including updating the website, organizing College sports, and planning Brown social outings and events. In addition, the New Student Representative position allows new students like yourselves to become directly involved in Brown Government and vote on issues that concern the lives of everyone in our College. Aside from formal channels of involvement, every Monday evening we have an EC Meeting in the Magister’s home that is open to every member of the College. At these meetings, we vote on initiatives, discuss campus-wide issues, and tackle challenges facing Brown throughout the semester—and we want to hear your voice! In addition, every other week on Tuesday night, we host Cabinet meetings. These meetings discuss the issues brought up at our EC meetings and provide an even more public venue for Brownies to share their ideas and opinions.

This year the Brown Government will continue implementing the programs called for by Brown to the Future, a strategic planning process Brown underwent two years ago. Brown is in a period of growth and transition but remains dedicated to encouraging student input at every possible juncture. College government is simply an avenue that any Brownie may access and use to make their ideas come to life. We are accessible, we are interested, and we are dedicated to achieving your vision for what Brown can become.

This is going to be an incredible year. If you are a new student recently assigned to Brown, I hope you are excited to move into your new home (we are definitely excited to welcome you). O-Week will come and go quickly, but the relationships you make throughout your time at Rice will last a lifetime. Get involved, share your ideas, and make this your community. Welcome to the family, Class of 2023!


Frances Williamson - - (361) 688-9866