Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know what is going on?

COME TO EC AND CABINET! EC is a completely open weekly meeting held in the Magister’s House from 6 to 7pm every Monday evening. Bring a plate from the servery and come listen, contribute, and join into the conversation. In addition, every other week Brown hosts Cabinet every other Tuesday evening at 9pm, another open-to-the-college forum where many important issues are discussed and voted on that affect daily life at Brown and across campus. If you cannot attend either of these meetings, Brown Cabinet minutes are posted weekly on the website and emailed to the entire college by our Secretary. In addition to these in-person and electronic methods of staying “in the loop,” reading the Sunday Briefings (sent out by the President every Sunday night) is a great way to start! So come to our weekly meetings, check the website, or check your email and stay updated on what is going on at Brown.

Brown recently got the addition of a whiteboard in the Commons. This whiteboard has the college sports, college events, and college meetings listed so everyone can know what is happening every month at Brown. In addition, people can add their own events to the calendar by emailing our Secretary (Sara Emami). Brown also has an electronic calendar (on the Home page of the website) where people can add their own events and reserve rooms.

2. How do I get in touch with College Government?

The names of the EC members, Committee Heads, College Representative, and Floor Representative are all on the Brown Website under “People.” In addition, the contact information of any A-Team member can also be found on the College website. If you do not want to reach out to an EC member, the EC can reach out to you! Every year, the EC reaches out to members of the College and offers the opportunity for a one-on-one meeting with an EC member to share your concerns, ideas, and thoughts on how the college is operating.

3. How can I be heard?

COME TO CABINET AND EC! As stated above, if you want to directly engage with members of the College Government, these two meetings are an easy and great way to start. If you have a personal project you want to see done around Brown, you can locate the Initiatives Proposal Form on the website under “forms.” This tab also contains an EC Feedback Form and the “Shout-Out” Form for Cabinet. These three forms are easy, effortless ways to share your ideas with the EC and with all of Brown College. In addition, contact any member of the EC or Cabinet (Floor Representatives) with comments or concerns—our job is to represent YOU and YOUR ideas.

4. How can I get involved?

JOIN A COMMITTEE! We have over fifteen standing committees at Brown, ALL seeking members and help with their responsibilities. Whether you want to share your time or your ideas, reach out to the Committee Heads and they can help your vision come to life. In addition, there are several working groups tackling large projects at Brown—keep your eyes peeled for emails on their work if you want to join them in their efforts.

RUN FOR A POSITION! Whether you want to serve as a Floor Rep, a University Rep, or an EC member, running for a position is a great way to be involved in Brown College, and a wonderful way to share your time and energy with your community.

5. How can I get involved as a New Student?

JOIN A COMMITTEE! As stated above, committees are looking for members to help with their events and projects, so do not hesitate to join. Committees include, Music Committee, Alumni Relations Committee, Brown Events Committee, and many more.

RUN FOR NEW STUDENT REP! Every year, a New Student Representative is elected to represent the freshman class. There are two positions—one on the EC and one on the Court. If you are interested in joining in student government, these two positions are a great way to start.

6. What if I am having trouble participating in College activities due to financial burden?

Reach out to the Magisters! The Magisters have a Magister Discretionary Fund that they can use to help you pay for floor dinners, floor shirts, campus event tickets, College shirts, and other things necessary to help with your college experience. Reach out to BJ and Shirley (email is if you would like to access this fund!