Move-In Info

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On the morning of August 18th, 2019, you will move into Brown College and officially start your academic journey at Rice! You may arrive starting at 8:30am and no later than 11:00am. Please be aware that coming early will not benefit you because you will not be able to enter the college until the official time. If you arrive early, the gates will be closed and you will block traffic. The Rice University Police Department will ask you to move.

You must come in from the Rice Boulevard/Sunset side of campus, rather than from the Main St. side (essentially you will be turning right into Brown, rather than turning left). When you get to Brown (Entrance 27B), you will see a lot of excited Advisors waiting and ready to help direct you. We will unload your stuff for you (make sure it is properly labeled with your name and room number-- duct tape and a Sharpie work great for this)

At least one driver must stay with your car. They will exit Brown, turn left onto Sunset Blvd, merge onto Rice Blvd, and turn into Entrance 17 to park in West Lot. From there, they can take a shuttle back to Brown. 

Meanwhile, you will check-in at Vator Lobby to meet our College Coordinator Monica Gongora and receive your room keys. After you are settled in, we’ll take a break for brunch and reception in the Brown Commons. This will be a chance for you and your family to meet your Advising team and fellow classmates. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the excellent food! At 1:00pm, New Families Orientation begins. At this point, your parents will hear from the Brown Magisters and have a Q&A session with our Resident Associates while you join your O-Week groups and follow your Advisors as you begin O-Week! Give your parents and family huge hugs before this, because this will be the last opportunity you will get to say goodbye. 

You should have received an email with more detailed instructions and pictures. We’re so excited to welcome you soon!