Meet the Coords


What is a Coordinator?

Houston, we don’t have a problem! We are your O-Week Coordinators, and we are part of the team of students helping to make your O-Week experience the best it can be! Each residential college has three student leaders called O-Week Coordinators who are chosen to oversee the preparation and execution of O-Week for the college and also the University. We are three upperclassmen members of Brown College, and we have been planning O-Week and looking forward to your touchdown into Brown since January.

We chose to do this job because we love Brown, we love Rice, and we love the ability O-Week has to make a powerful difference in someone’s life, just like it has in ours. Most importantly, we wanted to do everything possible to give you the foundation to make Rice your own and create the impact that your unique passions, perspectives, and abilities make possible! Our main responsibilities as Coordinators have included selecting the theme, choosing the Advising Team, planning events and determining the schedule for the week, reading your forms and matching you with your roommates, and making sure everything is under (mission) control before, during, and after O-Week.

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Amina Matin


Economics and Cognitive Science

Houston, TX

Hi, y’all! My name is Amina and I’m a senior (Class of 2020) here at Brown College! As a native Houstonian, I love advertising that Houston is the most diverse city in the country, and that there is an endless supply of amazing restaurants, fun places to hang out, and cultural hubs to explore here. If you’d like my list of things to do and places to eat in Houston, just ask!

Here at Rice, I am double-majoring in Economics and Cognitive Science, and I have really enjoyed finding ways to connect such different subjects. I am also the President of Rice’s American Association of University Women and I dance on our competitive Rice Bhangra dance team. Outside of my Rice commitments, I love going out with friends, binging Real Housewives, and trying new restaurants in Houston. You can also catch me napping inappropriately in public places or eating Hot Cheeto Puffs in Sammy’s in the middle of the night.

I’ve Co-Advised twice - at Baker and Jones - and O-Week has been a huge and wonderful part of my Rice experience. Every year, O-Week reminds me of Rice’s unmatched culture of care. Each time I have stepped into a new residential college (which has been three times now!), I am greeted with so much warmth and kindness, and have created friendships that have been central to my Rice experience. Above all, O-Week familiarizes everyone with the many resources at our disposal and the people cheering us on while we venture through the highs and lows of college, and I couldn’t have gotten this far through Rice without them.

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Hannah Whitney


Kinesiology (Sports Medicine)

Minors in Business and Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Houston, TX/Bloomington, IN

My name is Hannah Whitney, and I am ~over the moon~ to finally meet you! I am a rising Senior (Class of 2020) here at Brown majoring in Kinesiology with a concentration in Sports Medicine and also pursuing minors in Business and Biochemistry and Cell Biology on the Pre-Med track. I am originally from Houston, but my family, which includes my parents, my dog, and my two siblings--my younger sister is a New Student this year too--moved to Bloomington, Indiana when I was ten years old, and I lived there until I graduated from my fifteen person high school class and headed back down to Texas to start at Rice. 

It was a huge adjustment just to equilibrate to the ninety other New Students at Brown, but the O-Week process and my Advisors helped me to start the transition to see the people at Brown as my family. That first O-Week, and the next two in which I was fortunate enough to be an Advisor, are a big part of my inspiration to become a Coordinator for your O-Week, and I know that Amina, Aurora, and I have been working together for the past nine months to make it the best possible introduction to Brown and Rice for YOU! 

Being a member of the Rice student body has been one of the most meaningful, challenging, and growing experiences of my life, and I am so thankful for all of the continued opportunities for personal and academic development that I have received during my time here. Brown specifically has given so much to me in the form of community and opportunities, and I’ve enjoyed being involved in Beer Bike, basically any Brown sport, Brown Cabinet, Spirit Committee, and as a Cultural. It honestly is an amazing place to live, and you will find some of the best people at Rice here! Outside of Brown, you can catch me biking or taking a kickboxing class at the Rec to feed my love of competition, attending Chi Alpha Large Group to feed my love for God, or grabbing late night food to feed me (and you, if you want to come!). I am always down for a baking night, The Office, or finding a coffee shop to study or talk. Welcome to our Brown family, I can’t wait to see how you make it your own!

Best Rice Advice: You deserve to be here--never forget it. 

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Aurora Kesler



Minor in Environmental Studies

Leander, TX 

Hi y’all! My name is Aurora Kesler (you can call me Rory) and I can’t wait to meet you soon! I’m a rising Junior (Class of 2021) studying Anthropology (the socio-cultural kind) and minoring in Environmental Studies. I’m from a suburb of Austin, Texas called Leander. I love cats, dancing (not that I’m good at it), doing my makeup (I’m okay at it), being outdoors, spending time with people, video games when I can, and wasting time on Twitter. Another thing you’ll notice about me is that I’m 5 feet tall!

My major and all the academic pursuits I’ve been lucky enough to spend time on here at Rice mean the world to me. I’ve found a passion in studying and working on issues of environmental justice, sustainability, and urban inequality. While I enjoy my classes, I think I’ve grown and learned the most in the experiences I’ve had outside of class. I interned with Houston nonprofit Air Alliance Houston this past year and was able to see first hand how communities can be involved in the construction of infrastructure that affects their wellbeing. Additionally, being an O-Week Coordinator with Amina and Hannah has taught me a lot about myself as a leader. Over the summer and this upcoming semester, I’m going to be working with Plant It Forward, an urban farming organization in Houston that provides small business opportunities for refugees, and am looking forward to literally get my hands dirty!

Outside of my academic passions, I’ve played soccer since I was 4 and have found a home on the Rice Women’s Club Soccer Team. I enjoy getting to know the Houston landscape through using the Metro and bus system (free for Rice students! More on that later) and biking everywhere-- one of the perks of Houston being so flat! I also work throughout the year as a waitress at a restaurant called Little Pappas Seafood Kitchen. At Brown, this past year I served as a Peer Career Advisor through the Center for Career Development, the 7th Floor representative, and was a Brown Advisor for Super MariO-Week (shoutout Kendrick LaMario <3). I’m looking forward to serving as a Brown Eco-Rep and College Night Committee Head this upcoming year.

My favorite part about Rice is the opportunity to adventure, in the fullest sense of the world. The Rice and Brown community I was welcomed into during my freshman O-Week has allowed me to explore my passions and wander along while I figure out what’s right for me. With CosmO-Week, our Advising Crew, and this book, we hope to give you that same warm welcome every Rice matriculant has had for decades. We’re so excited to have you here at Brown and Rice and I can’t wait to see what journeys you take! :^)