The Committees

The Committees at Brown are all headed by 1 to 4 Committee Heads. Selection for Heads typically occurs in the Spring. Some Heads are voted upon by the college, others are selected by the IVP, SVP and EVP. Becoming a Committee Head is a great way to get involved in Brown and contribute in small and big ways. Committees help to build the culture of the college and bring the community together. Come to the Committee Fair at the beginning of the year to see how you can get involved!

Each college also has many cross-campus representatives that serve as a liaison between Brownies and University groups. These representatives are very important as they can help you if dealing with one of their groups. If you have any questions about any of the following groups, reach out to them as they are there to help you!


O-Week: Hannah Whitney, Aurora Kesler, and Amina Matin

Beer Bike: Aujin Kim, Robyn Maddux, Pamela McInturff, and Anona Neal

Associates: Lina Tiblier, Anvita Kandru, and Evan Delafose

Culturals: Leslie Arrazolo and Camila Vinson

Socials: Celeste Traub, Jasmine Lee, and Tessa Cannon


Alumni Relations: Roma Nayyar

Brown Engagement Outside the Hedges: Justin Cheung, Conor Rork

Brown Events: Rebecca Franklin, Anvita Kandru

Caregiving: Emily Pepperl, Jennifer Truitt

College Night: Aurora Kesler, Pamela McInturff

Environmental: Aurora Kesler, Sam Holloway, Lingkun Guo

Gym: Hadley Kruse

Intercollegiate: Sueda Cetinkaya

Kitchen: Bobby Molinar

Merchandise: Lorelei Dearing, Sophia Pereira

Music: Jasmine Lee

Permanent Improvements: Mahima Masih, Conor Rork

Photography: Ksenia Metruck

Senior Events: Jared Beshai, Michael Koceja, Matthew Rutherford, Hannah Whitney

Spirit: Lorelei Dearing, Elisa Moralez

Sports: Hadley Kruse, Kartik Reddy, Mackenzie Robeson, Matthew Rutherford

Staff Appreciation: Claire Noel

Theater: Grace Vincent

Website: Justin Cheung


U-Court Rep: Chris Hudson

Honor Council Rep: Rohit Chouhan

RPC Rep:

IT Rep:

Student Maintenance Rep:

Diversity Council

Events Head: Stephany Marchany

Programming Head: Ashley Fite

Campus-Wide Head: Bosco Zhou

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