The Cabinet

The Cabinet consists of various elected officials who serve as the voting representatives of the Brown Government. The Cabinet itself has two parts, the Executive Committee and the Floor Representatives. Cabinet meets every other Tuesday at 9pm in Vator Lobby to debrief the college on what is going on in and outside of Brown. Come to Cabinet to enjoy delicious food and engage in the college democracy!


The Executive Committee

President: Frances Williamson

Internal Vice President: Molly Wancewicz

External Vice President: Cooper Lueck

Social Vice President: Nicole Jaiyesimi

Treasurer: Daniel Martinez

Secretary: Sara Emami

New Student Representative:  Maddie Tumbarello

Parliamentarian: Nuria Gallego

SA Senator: Kamil Cook

Chief Justice: Charles Davis



Floor Representatives

Second Floor: Hazel Scott

Third Floor: Jessie Li

Fourth Floor: Blake Coleman

Fifth Floor: Sam Holloway

Sixth Floor: Amy Huyen

Seventh Floor: Aurora Kesler

Eighth Floor: Connor O’Sullivan

Second Quads: Avesh Krishna

Third Quads: Adam Bender

Fourth Quads: Maryam Elizondo

Off-Campus 1: Franz Brotzen-Smith

Off-Campus 2: Claire Luo

Off-Campus 3: