Our Magisters

BJ and Shirley Fregly

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Welcome to Brown! We are beginning our first year as magisters at  Brown and are looking forward to learning and living alongside you.

B.J. has been a Mechanical Engineering professor at Rice for one year  while Shirley held the fort in Florida, where our daughter Rachel  finished up her final year of high school. Before coming to Rice, B.J.  completed his undergraduate degree at Princeton, his grad degrees at  Stanford, a post-doctoral year (with Shirley) at the University of  Lyon in France, a software developer stint in Silicon Valley, and a  faculty position at the University of Florida. Shirley graduated from  Rice with dual degrees in Biology and Legal Studies (a major retired  her senior year), got a professional certificate in Marketing  Communications at San Jose State, and worked for a Public Relations  firm serving high-tech companies like National Semiconductor and Texas  Instruments. She spent 17 years at home rearing our son Christopher  (Weiss ‘20) and daughter Rachel (UChicago Class of ‘22).

We often joke that if we had met each other in high school, we would  have never dated. Fortunately we met when we were both further along  in life. While we are an unlikely pair, we share a deep love for God  and, because of him, for people of all races, religions, cultures,  genders, sexual orientations, etc. Basically, if you’re human, we are  for you and welcome interchange on whatever is important to you.

We love living life with Brown students and being involved in the life  of the college. We also love having students into our home - Brown  House - and look forward to seeing you here for “Brownies for  Brownies,” floor/quad dinners, and/or whenever you need to talk.


Jordan and amber

Greetings! We’re two of Brown’s RAs, Jordan and Amber (or Jamber if you insist on speech efficiency).

To see who we are and what we’re about, follow this link. It’ll take you to the video we included in our RA application 6 years ago and will get you caught up with what everyone else already knows about us (though we have changed a bit).

As you can see from the video, we’re both big geeks: Amber is into chemistry, linguistics, and K-drama while Jordan is of the computer variety. Both of us also enjoy traveling and hiking new mountain vistas. We have been as far south as Antarctica and as far north as Alaska, but are still missing the continents of Africa and Australia (hopefully one day soon!). We’re currently planning a hike of the Appalachian Trail or Pacific Crest Trail (maybe both?!?!), still haven’t made up our minds.

Amber works on campus for the Chao Center for Asian Studies as their Web Publication Coordinator. Jordan is a Rice alumnus and Brownie, with a computer science degree, and creates VR games and experiences.

We love baked goods and even enjoy baking them ourselves, so you can be sure we’ll always have a plentiful supply of sweets around. Stop by and we may even share them with you. And while you’re here plundering our cookie jar, be sure to give the other three members of our crack RA team (Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny) a good scratch behind the ears or a belly rub. You know, because they’re cats (you have watched the video by now, right??).

Sheldon is super affectionate, thinks humans were created to pet him, and has a cold nose.

Leonard is a big, loud, bumbling idiot (the adorable, loving kind).

Penny is the sweet and gentle type, but she usually dashes off to be sweet and gentle under the bed when company is around. Don’t worry; she’ll warm up to you.

The five of us live in the cozy apartment on the fourth floor of the quads (room 444) and every week we host a study break at our place where everyone eats ice cream and watches YouTube videos submitted by fellow Brownies that we curate into an hour-long playlist. We call it “I Tube You Tube We All Tube For Ice Cream” or ITYTWATFIC for short. You can help (please help!) by sending your favorite YouTube videos to wealltubeforicecream@gmail.com. But ITYTWATFIC isn’t the only time students are found hanging out in our apartment; in fact, feel free to come over any time. If our blinds are open, then we’re home and would love for you to come visit, whether to talk, pet the cats, or merely to touch our fuzzy Star Wars wallpaper.


Here’s the link to our video all spelled out in case you need it.


The College Coordinator


Welcome to Brown College. I’m Nancy and I am the Brown College Coordinator (more affectionately known as the Office Goddess). From that, I hope you can figure out that I am not your basic stuffy administrative type. My office is on the first floor of the Brown quad wing and my hours (because the administration likes to think I work regular hours) are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. My office is right next to the mailboxes and it’s also a great place in which to procrastinate but don’t be intimidated by the regulars. Come in and mark your territory early. As a 30+ year Rice employee and a long time resident of Houston, I am a wealth of information both useful and useless. I promise that together we can research an answer, an address, a source, a location, or a phone number for almost anything. Along with this information and lots of half baked advice, I can provide you with many necessary things ranging from class locations to bandaids, registration information to packages from home, postage stamps to rantings about random injustices, and tylenol to sympathy. As you can see from this brief description of my position, you need to get to know the College Coordinator.

If I haven’t convinced you already let me just add that I am in charge of your mail. You know all those pink scented envelopes from significant others and care packages from Mom and Dad? Speaking of packages, feel free to ship boxes to the college prior to your arrival but please send them as close to your arrival date as possible so I don’t have to live in an office full of boxes all summer. Just send them to your name and the Brown College address.

Feel free to call or come by the college office during the summer if you’re around and you
and/or your parents have any questions not answered by this book or you just want a sneak
preview of the college. The phone number is (713)348-4662, my email address is
brown@rice.edu. Till then I look forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy the rest of your