Our Magisters

BJ and Shirley Fregly

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Welcome to Brown! We are beginning our first year as magisters at  Brown and are looking forward to learning and living alongside you.

B.J. has been a Mechanical Engineering professor at Rice for one year  while Shirley held the fort in Florida, where our daughter Rachel  finished up her final year of high school. Before coming to Rice, B.J.  completed his undergraduate degree at Princeton, his grad degrees at  Stanford, a post-doctoral year (with Shirley) at the University of  Lyon in France, a software developer stint in Silicon Valley, and a  faculty position at the University of Florida. Shirley graduated from  Rice with dual degrees in Biology and Legal Studies (a major retired  her senior year), got a professional certificate in Marketing  Communications at San Jose State, and worked for a Public Relations  firm serving high-tech companies like National Semiconductor and Texas  Instruments. She spent 17 years at home rearing our son Christopher  (Weiss ‘20) and daughter Rachel (UChicago Class of ‘22).

We often joke that if we had met each other in high school, we would  have never dated. Fortunately we met when we were both further along  in life. While we are an unlikely pair, we share a deep love for God  and, because of him, for people of all races, religions, cultures,  genders, sexual orientations, etc. Basically, if you’re human, we are  for you and welcome interchange on whatever is important to you.

We love living life with Brown students and being involved in the life  of the college. We also love having students into our home - Brown  House - and look forward to seeing you here for “Brownies for  Brownies,” floor/quad dinners, and/or whenever you need to talk.


Chris, Jaime, Eleanor, and Mae Mize

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Hello beautiful Brownies! We are Chris and Jaime Mize and will be the Guardians of your 1st floor Galaxy while you are living in the tower. This is our first year as RA’s at Brown, so we are so excited to learn all of the traditions alongside you. We have been married 7 years and have a dog who loves to be loved and two kids who love to be fed!

I (Jaime) am originally from Plano, Texas and went to Texas A&M University for a degree in Economics. I am a Product Manager at a Benefits Administration Company (riveting, I know) and work directly with our lead developers to document all requirements and expectations for each feature they build. I listen to more podcasts than anyone you will ever meet and can discuss any episode of Armchair Expert with a fierce passion. I love running and am currently training for my first full marathon in January!

I (Chris) grew up in Houston and went to the University of Houston for a degree in Biology. I work in the Environmental Health and Safety Department at Rice and have been here for 7 years. I am happiest when I am in a Goodwill digging through piles of old t-shirts. I love playing poker and board games, so prepare yourself for some intense game nights.

We are so excited to have you at Brown and can’t wait to get to know you during CosmO-Week! We will be hosting weekly study breaks in our apartment, so make sure to stop by and say hey!

mae and eleanor.jpg

We have two children, Mae and Eleanor, and a dog named Ziggy. Mae is 4 years old and loves all things Disney! Her favorite movie changes by the day, but her excitement for movie night never ceases. Her favorite foods are pickles and olives, so come prepared if you want to get on her good side. Only kidding…kind of. When she is shy Mae likes to talk jibberish, so don’t be offended or alarmed if you are on the receiving end. Mae has been taking tennis lessons, so feel free to test her skills! Eleanor is 3 years old and, unlike Mae, wants nothing to do with movies. She loves to color and make up words to random songs. Her favorite foods are oranges and anything spicy. She is immediate friends with everyone she meets, and will most likely ask what your name is 300 times. She can catch a ball better than most adults, yet somehow falls out of her chair almost nightly during dinner.


Ziggy enjoys being petted endlessly, and will make sure she is all over you any time you enter our apartment. Please don’t let her sad eyes fool you, I promise we feed and pet her! She loves sitting outside in the sunlight, but hates when her water bowl runs out. You will often see her being aggressively hugged by our two kids, but (we think) she loves it. If you ever need some pup in your life, feel free to stop by and get your Ziggy fix!

Eleazar Marquez


Ready…1-2-3 YAY!!! (This is my punchline every time!) Hi Brown, I’m very excited to be part of such a great family and community! You may occasionally see me around campus with a suit and tie (and shiny shoes…it’s true!), but don’t let the attire fool you! I’m a very relaxed and outgoing person. I say a lot of jokes, but the reality is that they’re not funny!!!! Wait, what, really? Indeed…they’re not funny, but they’re original!!!

I’m an Assistant Teaching Professor in Mechanical Engineering and have been at Rice since the Spring 2011 when I started my Ph.D. studies (I was very young…like 12 years old!!!). I was invited to join the faculty after graduating in 2016, and feel extremely blessed to be surrounded by dedicated and passionate students, faculty, and staff! I worked a few years in a private, defense company conducting research for the military.

Some of my hobbies include watching and discussing sports, obviously, rooting for my favorite football team the Dallas Cowboys (hey, don’t judge me!), going for daily walks, cooking (what? yes really!!), mentoring and talking to students, reading a bit of history, and discussing political issues and current events.  I usually get invited to events in which my students participate (baseball games, track and field meets, swim competitions, theater performances, music recitals, etc.), and I really enjoy attending! So if you’re participating in anything around campus, please let me know so you can have Brown love and support!!!

Feel free to visit my apartment whenever you want to chat, joke around, watch a movie/game/show, sing, play an instrument, talk about life, cook something, or simply hang out, I would love having you!!! Everyone is welcome!!!

Our College Coordinator

Monica Gongora

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My name is Monica Gongora and I joined Brown College in April 2019. I was born in Monterrey, MX but have lived in Houston my entire life. I am married and have three children who aren't so young anymore, but who will always be my babies. I also have two fur babies that are toy poodles, Buddy and Lola.  Buddy LOVES cuddles and enjoys playing with his stuffed animals and balls, while Lola is very anti-social.

Prior to joining Brown College as College Coordinator, I was with Development and Alumni Relations for 19 years. Being part of Development, I’ve learned that Rice students are the foundation of Rice, and they are the reason why Rice is such an extraordinary university.

Learning this made me want to become closer to student life and be part of their Rice years.

Please come by if you need a stamp, envelope, need to make a copy or fax. I also hold all your packages and mail but before you pick that up please don’t hesitate to stop by and say hi. If you need to just relax on my sofa with some music and candy come on down. I would love to hear all about YOU and your amazing daily experiences at Rice.